Regulatory Topics

These pages will give an overview of the major current regulatory topics that are occupying Government, regulators and the profession.  I will be giving an overview of the issues with links to relevant external resources and providing commentary and advice on the implications of them.

Reviews of the Structure of Regulation

Both the Government and the Competition and Markets Authority have promised reviews of the regulatory structure of the profession.  Read more about what these will mean for the profession.

Training for lawyers

Following the report of the  Legal Education and Training Review, both the SRA and the BSB are looking at changes to the process for qualifying as a lawyer.  Read more about the progress and the issues.

Ethical standards

The SRA’s consultation A Question of Trust closed recently and raises important questions about the relative importance of breaches of different parts of the Code of Conduct.  But there are some major questions about the differences in standards between the legal professions that need to be explored.  Read more here.

Business structures

ABS firms have been around for more than four years.  While they haven’t obviously achieved the access to justice breakthrough that some hoped for, there are now other ways in which firms can structure their businesses – particularly following changes to the Separate Business Rule.  Read more here.

Quality of Advocacy

After years of development and litigation, is QASA about to be implemented?  Meanwhile the MoJ has consulted on assuring the quality of criminal advocacy.  Read more here on the latest position.

Consumer Protection

The CMA will be looking at consumer protection in its market study.  In the meantime, the SRA is still grappling with its review of client protection mechanisms and the Compensation Fund still places a burden on the profession.  Read more here for the latest developments.